All About The Fluff

The Story of the Breeder and Their Fluff - Uintah!

Welcome to What the Fluff Old English Sheepdogs. We are so happy you have found us!

Here is a little bit about our Sheepdog Story. We are Joe and Amy Delaney. We grew up together in a small farming community. Dogs have always been a big part of our lives. Growing up, Amy always heard stories of her Father’s Old English Sheepdog Rags and her Puppy named Patches. Rags was an incredible dog that looked after all the animals and the Children on the farm.

joe and amy w grandkids (1)

As you may know, Old English Sheepdogs are not very easy to find. So, when we had the opportunity to adopt our First OES Uintah we jumped at the chance. Uintah was everything we had hoped for and more. Because of her amazing personality, we decided to breed Old English Sheepdogs, so more families could experience these fantastic family dogs.

We have been breeding since 2012 and are committed to raising Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted, and Confident Puppies. All our dogs are raised in our home, and we spend countless hours nurturing our puppies. In an effort to support confident and well-adjusted puppies, our puppies receive early neurological stimulation as well as socialization and desensitization training. Puppies also come pre-spoiled and loved.

Bringing home a puppy is like gaining a new family member and is a big commitment. Because of this, we go above and beyond to make sure that you feel as prepared as possible. We are dedicated to our puppy owners and offer lifetime support. Our goal is to make your experience bringing home a new furry family member an incredible one.

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Fluff Facts

  • Old English sheepdogs are a distinctive breed.
  • Known for their Long Fluffy Coat
  • Loveable, Goofy, Clown like Personalities, that want to be the center of attention.
  • Very versatile and love to have a job. They can do many things from running agility courses to being therapy and service animals. 
  • Extremely athletic with a bear like gait.
  • Love to have fun and be active, but once they have had their energy satisfied, they are big snuggle bugs.
  • Old English Sheepdogs are Intelligent, gentle, and extremely even-tempered.  This makes them excellent family members.