Get To Know Our Fluffy Family

“Fluff Mama’s”

Rainbow Fluff

Rainbow is AKC registered and comes from Champion Bloodlines. She has an amazing, even temperament. She is always happy to go along for the ride. Her favorite things to do include playing tag and rolling around with her sister Sky, and we can’t forget her all-time favorite thing to do is Cuddle with Joe.

Rainbow weighs in at 65 lbs. and is about 23 inches tall at the shoulder. She has the classic Old English Sheepdog Markings.

Fluffy Sky

Sky is AKC registered and is Rainbow’s Sister. We call these two the, “California Girls” or “Sunshine Twins.” Sky is very curious and loves to learn new things. She is extremely smart and is quickly adapts to any situation. She has a personality plus!

Sky weighs in at 60 lbs. and is about 22.5 inches tall at the shoulder. She is very breed standard in conformation and has the classic Markings.

Miss Fluff Stuff

Missy is AKC registered with Grand Champion Bloodlines. She is a Sheepdog through and through. She loves to have all the attention all the time. Missy is full of fun and wants to be involved in everything. From baking a cake to taking a nap, she is up for anything.

Missy weighs in at 67 lbs. is 23 inches at the shoulder. She is a Showstopper with the personality to match.

Sophie Queen of the Fluff

Sophie is AKC registered. She is the Queen of Everything. Sophie is very intuitive and extremely athletic.” Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, it’s Sophie the Queen of the Fluff!”

Sophie weighs in at 60 lbs. and is 22 inches at the shoulder. She is built for speed and agility.

“Fluff Daddy”

Fluff Daddy Jackson

Jackson is AKC registered and always greets you with a smile. He is our happy-go Lucky Pappa that’s always up for a good time. Jackson is an XXXL Teddy Bear who loves to snuggle. When he flashes his smile and his baby blue eye, he will melt your heart. We couldn’t ask for a better Daddy.

Jackson weighs in at a whopping 98 lbs. and is about 27 inches at the shoulder. He is a ‘Big Old Boy with a Big Old Heart.'